Rick Yeager
International Man of Misery


It took a while to figure it out.  All the information was there at our finger tips, but it was heavily cloaked behind sophisticated technology developed for the art of deception   Still, there was something there we had seen before, a long time ago, too long to remember the details, but we were determined to find out what it was.

Looking back, the answer was obvious.  The behavioral patterns were a dead give away, the mentality should have exposed it, but the truth remained hidden.   There was only one way to be sure and the outcome explained everything.

There wasn't much to go on.  Only a single photo to analyze.  The U.S Government was aware of the problem after being alerted by the NPF.  We took advantage of their offer to use one of the nation's most powerful computers at the NASA Space Center.  One by one, each pixel was taken apart and then reassembled to break down the mask.  After 48 hours of non-stop number crunching we had our answer.  It was all so clear.

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